Our goal is to get everyone into a great healthy home for a fair price. You cannot compare a typical build to one of our homes, because they are as different as apples and oranges.

Our homes are made of more assuring health and comfort to every room.

To this end we use:
  • European tested and New Zealand built timber joinery with low-e argon filled double or triple glazing
  • Highly efficient mechanical heat recovery ventilation systems
  • Super insulated, air- and weathertight, breathable building fabric
  • Healthy, sustainable construction materials
  • Optimised building form to ensure that the most energy-efficient design is the least expensive to build

Fixed prices for our houses are only possible after the working drawings are completed as every home we build is unique to your location and requirements and therefore prices vary. As a guide, you should be thinking of starting your budget for building at around $3000 per m2.

Consultation fees are on an hourly basis.