Here at Ecotype we are in agreement with John Ruskin and James Walter Chapman-Taylor, that homes which do their practical duty well while being graceful and pleasing, are helping to shape the character and attitudes of the occupants.

We focus on designs that provide healthy, comfortable, nurturing conditions so you and your family may live within your means.

Ecotype designs are driven by:
  • Energy efficiency
  • Simplicity of form
  • Functional floor plans
  • Robust building envelopes
  • Practical use of space
  • Enduring looks
The aesthetics and roof forms of Ecotype houses vary as they are tailored to your requirements and budget. However, all perform in a similar manner sharing the distinct methodology of Passive House.

Minor dwellings
We have a range of floor plans for single and two-storey houses that comply with the Auckland Unitary Plan definition of 'minor dwellings'. These can be tailored to suit your site and living requirements, from single occupancy to three bedrooms. Some are candidates for Passive House Certification but all are super energy efficient.

Kanuka House, as shown, has a 65 sqm gross floor area - a minor dwelling to the definition of the Auckland Unitary Plan. In some zones, 'minor dwellings' can be added to an existing house on site - we are happy to check this for you! Kanuka House is also a Passive House candidate.