Kiwis spend 70% of their lives inside their homes in an average temperature of 16 degrees, well beneath the range of 18-21 degrees recommended by the World Health Organisation.

Fuel poverty sees many Kiwis only heating one main room, which is ineffective and expensive when the house is draughty, damp and cold.

Cold indoor air and surface temperatures combined with high humidity and poor ventilation create the perfect environment for mould to flourish.  Exposure to mould can cause inflammation of the airways, leading to chronic respiratory conditions. Those suffering from asthma and allergies, children and the elderly, are far more susceptible to its harmful ongoing effects.

Passive house standards mitigate all of these issues creating a healthy home environment. Living spaces in the home maintain approximately 21 degrees year round.

The balanced heat recovery ventilation system exchanges humid air for fresh filtered air to living areas. This in combination with an airtight building envelope keeps out noise, road particulates and pollens.

Super insulation coupled with energy efficient joinery and glazing equals low energy use, saving you money and eliminating fuel poverty.

An Ecotype home creates the perfect indoor environment for everyone to maintain optimal health for many years to come.  They are especially beneficial for those at home for extended periods of time, from new families to ageing loved ones.